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Take a tour of Genesis

There are several tutorials, covering the major functions of Genesis. You may find them useful for evaluating Genesis and familiarising yourself with its functions.

The tutorials are in PDF files, so you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer (except for the Chrome browser). If you have problems viewing the tutorials, please refer to the notes below for your browser.

Click here to view the tutorials.

Internet Explorer

Ensure you have Acrobat Reader set as default program for PDF documents. Go to "Tools", "Internet Options" and click the "Programs" tab, then click the "Set Programs" button. In the next window, click "Set your default programs", then find "Adobe Reader" in the alphabetic list of programs, click on it to select it and then click "Set this program as default".


Recent versions of Firefox have a built-in PDF viewer but when I last tried to use it, it would not display PDF files correctly. To change Firefox to use Adobe Reader instead of the built-in viewer, click on the Firefox button at the top of the Firefox window and then select "Options". Select the "Applications" panel and find "Portable Document Format (PDF)" in the list, then click on it to select it. Click on the drop-down arrow in the Action column for the above entry and select "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)".


Chrome can use its own PDF viewer or Adobe Reader, but the latter opens PDF files in a separate window and it is better to use the built-in viewer. Click the "Customize and control" button at top right of the Chrome window and click "Settings". At the bottom of the "Settings" page, click "Show advanced settings", then click the "Content settings" button under the heading "Privacy". Scroll down to "Plug-ins" and click "Disable individual plug-ins". Find "Chrome PDF Viewer" in the list and click "Enable". Find "Adobe Reader" in the list and click "Disable".

When viewing a tutorial with Chrome, you should move the mouse to the bottom of the displayed slide to make the toolbar visible, then click the first button (with 4 arrows pointing outwards) to expand the slide so that it fits the window.


Safari does not appear to have any settings related to PDF files, but uses Adobe Reader successfully.


Click the "Opera" button at top left, then click "Settings". In the list at top left, click "Websites" and then, under the heading "Plug-ins", click "Disable individual plug-ins". In the list that appears, find "Adobe Reader" and click "Enable" if it is not already enabled.